PTFE Insulated RTD Cables

We are the manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of PTFE Insulated RTD Cables. Our high quality & comprehensive PTFE Insulated RTD Cables range are available in different sizes - K type, T type, R type, S type and J type. Our PTFE Insulated RTD Cables are offered in different cores - 2 Core, 3 Core, 4 Core and 6 Core. High quality bare copper, silver plated copper and nickel plated copper conductors are used in the manufacturing process of PTFE Insulated RTD Cables. High quality conductors helps in smooth flow of current. We can also manufacturer PTFE Insulated RTD Cables as per the client's specific requirements. We make following constructions commonly with parallel as well as twisted form.

  • PTFE/ PTFE/ SS Braided
  • PTFE/ (SPC/ NPC/ BC) Braided/ PTFE
  • PTFE/ PTFE/ Fibre Glass
  • Fibre Glass/ Fibre Glass
  • Fibre Glass/ Fibre Glass/ SS
  • Fibre Glass/ Fibre Glass/ PTFE
We manufacture the above Insulated cables as per the requirement or specifications of the customer with insulating material PTFE and Fibre Glass.