PTFE Cables

PTFE cables have outstanding Mechanical & electrical properties. These are heat resistant. Its properties qualify them for an ever-widening range of wiring a applications, they are used in many situations, where temperature is between -65°C and +250°C. In most adverse uses, where chemical fumes and liquids would render all other cables cables useless, PTFE is the most well-known and durable polymer and has been used in the cable industry for many years, It’s outstanding dielectric properties, even at elevated temperatures, make it most suitable for insulation of cables.


  • Non –flammable, non – toxic, resistant to solder iron damage.
  • Suitable for high frequency operation.
  • Immune to algai, fungus and water absorption.
  • Resistance to UV radiation and stress creaking.
  • High strain and abrasion resistance.
  • Wide operating temperature range-65°C to + 250°C.
  • Inert to most chemicals and fluids even at elevated temperature and pressure.